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Get started with 1 smashing weekly post to 3 social media platforms
Beautifully branded, and lovingly managed and monitored by Jules Rick
Craftily written by Mary Cameron

$440 per month (incl. GST) invoiced 3 monthly in advance.
Additional posts $88

Set up your social media profile
$88 will set up and brand a platform page

Get cracking with a wow-worthy website From $990.
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Design and digital media support for independent authors

Book Reality website design by Jules Rick

‘As an independent author it is hard, if not impossible to afford top quality art design for book covers. The prices from the big graphics shops are way too much and the quality from the small ones, not worth the money. Then came along Web and Print Hub. Affordable, outstanding, responsive and timely. Knowing they didn’t just do covers, they’ve built me a website and designed business cards and flyers and so much more. I can’t sing their praises harder or stronger. Need websites and or graphics and or anything else to “look good” – then these are the go-to people.’

Ian Andrew
Independent Author, Book Reality

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