Faced with a rapidly approaching launch date, I embarked on this web design journey with urgency to bring to life a platform that embodies the spirit of Compassionate Communities. This initiative is grounded in the belief that compassion and connectedness are not just ideals, but actionable practices that weave through the fabric of our society, supporting those in need during the most challenging times of their lives.

Compassionate Communities Australia champions the collective effort of individuals, families, neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and organisations of all kinds to create a nurturing environment where caring for each other, especially in the face of life-threatening or limiting illnesses, chronic disability, frailty, ageing, dementia, dying, and grief, becomes a shared responsibility.

Welcome to their new website, where compassion meets action, and together, we make a difference: https://compassionatecommunities.au/

Julieanne provided this feedback: ‘Julie Rick was a delight to work with. She is both professional and very efficient. We had our website up and running within weeks. ‘

Testimonial by Julieanne Hilbers, Project Lead, Compassionate Communities Australia