It was a pleasure collaborating once more with Ray Glickman from ‘From Left Field’, especially since I designed his website more than 5 years ago.

Ray, known as one of WA’s most seasoned and esteemed Board Chairs, CEOs, and facilitators, excels in questioning assumptions, fostering commitment, and invigorating teams to uncover innovative solutions that break away from traditional approaches. Ray sought a revitalised website to accurately showcase his diverse expertise and services.

Ray had this to say: I couldn’t be happier with how Julie Rick of Web & Print Hub helped me refresh my website. Julie seemed to read my mind when I couldn’t really articulate what I wanted. She also struck a great balance between accommodating my suggestions and pushing back on what technically wouldn’t work. Julie was very responsive and quick to get the refresh done. I would recommend Julie and Web & Print Hub to anyone.

Please visit the refreshed website: